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ag00436_(t).gif (11081 bytes)Northwest Oklahoma Stormshelter and Basement Company has been in business since 1969.  The owner, Elden Maze, began building storm shelters in Woodward, Oklahoma and has done extensive work across the entire U.S.A. and in Mexico over the past 30 years.

Our custom-built, underground storm shelters are constructed using aluminum forms.   The floor, walls, and ceiling are all six (6) inches thick and are poured in one continuous pour so there are no seams.  A waterproofing solution is also added to the 3500 psi, reinforced concrete.

Our professional building crews install 2 air vents which help to eliminate musty odors.  Our custom-built storm shelters are equipped with a 2' metal door for easy handling.

We use certified blueprints so our shelters will easily pass building codes in any and every city in the U.S. and they are strong enough that they can be installed under houses and garages of new homes being constructed.

We also specialize in Basements, Underground Homes, Poured Walls, Bank Vaults, Grain Storages, Washout Pits, and Scale Pits.

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